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News / 02.07.2010

Youth delegation from Turkey arrived in Bashkortostan

Youth delegation from Turkey arrived in Bashkortostan. Its visit is organized within the Multi International Program. The delegation includes teenagers and young people participating in public programs of the city of Mersin.

According to the RB Ministry of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism, the program of the visit is rather rich. Excursions to the National Museum and the Salavat Yulaev Square, training sessions and round tables are in store for the young people. On July 2, pupils of Tamyr Leisure Centre for Children and Teenagers will familiarize their Turkish peers with the Bashkir national costumes, dances and cuisine. On July 5, the Turkish guests will visit Gafuri region.

We would remind you that last year the delegation from Bashkortostan including activists of Pioneers of Bashkortostan Children's Public Association visited Mersin and got acquainted with the youth programs, activity of cultural and educational institutions, customs and traditions of Turkish people.

Youth exchange between Bashkortostan and Turkey contributes to establishing close relationship, uniting forces of youth public organization in joint solution of problems and achievement of common goals.

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