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The multi-ethnic - wealth of Bashkortostan

    A special place in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a national policy, international and interregional cooperation.

  Inter-ethnic accord, the traditions of good neighborliness - the subject of special concern by the leadership of Bashkortostan. The priorities of the state national policy in Bashkortostan - the free development of all peoples, the preservation of the native language, distinctive national culture, which provides a balance in international relations and an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

    The development of cultural identity of peoples living in the country, contributes to a range of public programs: "The peoples of Bashkortostan" in 2003 - 2012 years, "Revival and Development of the Bashkir people," "preservation, study and development of the languages of the Republic of Bashkortostan, 2006-2010" "Bashkirs Russian Federation" for 2008 - 2017 years.

    Under the program carries out activities designed to preserve native languages and cultures of peoples living in Bashkortostan.

    In 2008, with the participation of administrations of municipal districts and urban districts of the republic, national associations and national historical and cultural centers in a number of major republican national holidays and festivals with the participation of Russian regions.

  Conducted all-Russian inter-regional and republican festivals Bashkir, Russian, Tatar, Mari, Chuvash, Mordvin, Udmurt, Ukrainian, Latvian, Belarusian, Polish culture, celebrations peoples of the Caucasus and Asia.

    During the summer, opened summer ethno-cultural, linguistic and language camps for conservation of folklore and traditions of the Bashkir, Russian, Tatar, Mari, Ukrainian, Udmurt, Chuvash, the Latvian people.

    Work on building a knowledge base about the peoples of Bashkortostan:
- Collection of materials on the inventory of the peoples of Bashkortostan;
- The newsletter of Bashkortostan - House of Friendship.

    In order of acquisition of basic library services for ethnic groups of the republic and the replenishment of the public libraries of the Republic of nonfiction in the national languages and the languages of the Republic of Bashkortostan is working on the acquisition of literature. Textbooks for the music and art schools in Bashkortostan.

    State agency House of Peoples' Friendship of Belarus jointly with the republican national-cultural centers, festivals held in the native languages of national databases of historical and cultural centers in the municipalities Mishkinskoye, Tatyshlinsky, Blagovarsky, Karmaskalinsky, Baimaksky, Krasnokamsk, Belebeevsky, Sterlitimaksky, Gafuriysky, Ufa, Buzdyaksky, Iglinsky and Arkhangelsk regions.

    Joint work with academic institutions of the republic, studies, scientific and practical conferences, round table discussions.

    In 2008, three national meetings of the round tables on the development of native languages, conducted scientific monitoring of interethnic relations in the republic.

    In recent years, significantly intensified its efforts with the Bashkir population living outside the Republic of Bashkortostan. Providing technical assistance to public organizations Bashkortostan region of Russia on the organization of master classes, providing libraries with literature in the Bashkir language.

  In accordance with the Implementation Plan of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the methodical, organizational and financial support of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan delegation of Belarus took part in 16 Sabantui in Russia's regions and CIS countries (Saratov, Samara and Chelyabinsk regions, Krasnodar, Perm edge, in years. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, the Republic of Uzbekistan, in Orenburg, Sverdlovsk, in the Kyrgyz Republic and others).

  Significant events in the international and interregional level in the field of international relations have become: Sabantuy in Istanbul of Turkey, the Days of Moscow in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the third meeting of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Istanbul, the visit of the delegation of Bashkortostan in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Republic to participate in events held in the framework of meetings of the Permanent Council of Ministers of Culture of the International Organization TURKSOI XXV convocation.




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