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   From 1990 to 2008. in the Republic of Bashkortostan to preserve and increase the network of professional theatrical institutions. Today the Ministry of 12 state theaters.

  In the city of Ufa are 6 theaters, including: 1 Music - Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater, 4 drama - Bashkir Drama Theatre im.M.Gafuri, State Russian Drama Theatre, Ufa State Tatar theater "Nur", the National Youth Theatre Republic of Bashkortostan im.M.Karima and 1 puppet - Bashkir State Puppet Theatre;

  The remaining 6 theaters are located in other cities: Sibay Bashkir State Drama Theatre. A. Mubaryakova, Salavat Bashkir State Drama Theatre, State Russian Drama Theatre g.Sterlitamak, Sterlitamak Bashkir State Drama Theatre, Sibay Bashkir State Children's Theater "Sulpan and Tuimazinsky Tatar State Drama Theatre.

  The construction of the unique technical equipment and the architectural expression of buildings Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gafoor, Tatar Ufa State Theatre «NUR», National Youth Theatre after M. Karim, Sibai Bashkir State Theatre named after A. Mubaryakova. Work is underway on the reconstruction of Russian Academic Drama Theatre of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Bashkir State Puppet Theatre and Sterlitamak State Bashkir Drama Theatre.

  Work is focusing on building repertoire policy, which fully conform to the aesthetics and tastes of today's audience and at the same time, prevailing trends in the world of theatrical culture. Therefore, in repertory theaters represented not only a national drama, but also works by Russian and foreign classical and modern authors. In addition, on the stage with success are the performances of modern and classic plays by authors of Russian regions and CIS countries.

  In Bashkortostan Republic pays great attention to the development of theatrical art by organizing festivals and competitions. Since 1991, organized and hosted an International Festival of Opera Art "Chaliapin evening in Ufa, in 1992 the competition" The actor's Song ", 1993 National Festival Theatre Spring" and the International Festival of Ballet Arts. Rudolf Nureyev, 1991 International Festival of Turkic-speaking theaters Tuganyk "(" Relationship ") and the National Festival of Performances for Children Kolonsak" ("colt").

  Theatrical organizations in the Republic have been the participants and winners of international, all-Russian, regional and national theater festivals held in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad: the "Golden Mask" in Moscow, "Theatre Without Borders in Magnitogorsk," Nowruz " in Kazan, "Golden Turnip" in Samara, "Welcome to the theater" in Istanbul of the Turkish Republic, "He and She" in Togliatti, "Golden Skate" Tyumen "Art-Ordo" in Kyrgyzstan, "White Tower" in Minsk, Belarus and others.

  Each year, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan made a tour of theaters across Russia, CIS and foreign countries. In recent years the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet performed tours in Brazil, Portugal, Egypt and Thailand, Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre. M. Gafuri - in Turkey and China, the Puppet Theatre - in Turkey, the State Russian Drama Theatre - in Belarus, Poland and Italy. In accordance with the agreements and treaties on cooperation in the regions densely populated with Bashkirs, organized performances by national companies whose purpose is introduction to the language and culture.

  The care and attention of the republic's leadership to the theater arts are widely recognized worldwide and the Russian public. Confirmation that was awarded the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan of the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" in the nomination "The support of Theatre Arts" in 2006.

Musical Art

   In the Republic of Bashkortostan in the public theater and concert agencies are 4 Philharmonic: Bashkir State Philharmonic Society (founded 1938), Neftekamsk (established 1998) and Sibai (established 1994) and Sterlitamak (established in 1991 ) Philharmonic.

   State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble, named after F. Gaskarova created in 1939, the founder of the Bashkir people's stage choreography Faizi Adgamovich Gaskarova now proudly bears his name, and executes the set of dances. This lyrical setting, named after the girls - "Zagida", "Gulnazira", "Zarif", a dance legend "Seven girls, burlesque dance" Mischievous "," Three Brothers "and many others. Today in the repertoire of the State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble behalf Faizi Gaskarova than 150 dances - these are the best examples of dances peoples of Russia and the world. Our team, which we respectfully call "gaskarovtsy" represented choreographic art of the republic in different continents of the globe, acted in more than 50 countries worldwide.

  In 1992 he founded Symphony Orchestra Television "Shark". Since 1994, he gained national status and was renamed the National Symphony Orchestra of Belarus, which today is one of the leading orchestras of Russia, cooperating with many famous conductors in Russia and abroad.

  Traditional has become an international, regional and national competitions and festivals. Thus, implementing policies that support and development of professional art music of the Republic, the Ministry of Culture and National Policy of the Republic of Belarus will organize the following priority activities: international festivals - the symphonic and choral music, chamber music, and contests - National Vocal Competition named Haziz Almuhametova, International Competition of Music Artists named Nariman Sabitova and International Competition Musicians behalf Zagirov Ismagilova.


  In the field of public art museums and galleries in various locations of the republic were opened 5 branches of the Bashkir State Art Museum. Mikhail Nesterov (BGHM): Art Gallery Miras (g.Neftekamsk), Sterlitamak art gallery, Meleuz Art Gallery, Art Gallery Izhad "BGHM (Ufa), Memorial House-Museum AE Tyulkin ( Ufa).

  Bashkir State Art Museum im.M.V.Nesterova, one of the oldest in the country, today his collection consists of over 10,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative art Russian, Bashkir and foreign sections. From 1993 to 2008 added to the Museum's collection of more than 3,000 works. The collection would not have that identity, which made it a work of art of national Bashkir. The museum store works of folk art Bashkirs of the first professional painters of Bashkortostan. The museum has collected a fine collection of the best works of artists whose work goes back to the years 1950-60. - The time the bright heyday of Fine Arts of: portraits and genre paintings, landscapes, still lifes, ceramics and porcelain, sculpture, graphic works (A. Lutfullin, A. Sitdikova, R. Nurmuhametov, B. slippers, A. Burzyantsev and others). The museum is actively replenishes collection works by artists of different generations, including young and talented, whose work had the line of 20-21 centuries.

  In 2002, the exhibition halls of the Bashkir State Art Museum im.M.V. Nesterov, an exhibition of Sarmatian gold "Golden Deer of Eurasia from the funds of the Ufa Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences (excavations Filippovsky mound) and the State Hermitage. The exhibition was a huge success. During the period of the exhibition was visited by 25,508 people. The exhibition and the accompanying materials not only have evidence of the richness of the cultural heritage of mankind, but also the high skills of restorers of the State Hermitage Museum, with which the great heritage of ancient again became the property of mankind.

  In 2007, in celebration of 450 anniversary of Bashkortostan's voluntary entry into Russia in the Central House of Artists and the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow held the exhibition "Bashkir art", which was presented 405 works by more than 100 Bashkir artists of all types and genres of fine art and within the federal project "Golden Map of Russia" exhibition "Russian painting and graphics end 19 - early 20 centuries." from the collection of the Bashkir State Art Museum. MV Nesterova, which represented the best works of Bashkir and Russian artists. Both exhibitions were accompanied by extensive album catalog.


   Training of professional personnel for work in the institutions of culture and art in the country engaged in 9 secondary specialized educational institutions of culture and art, whose work focuses on the reception and training of students for the task of contract preparation, with special attention to talented young people from rural areas. Multi-year tradition in education of young professionals formed in the Ufa College of Arts, Salavat College of Music and the October College of Music. Preparation of national music cadres of talented children from rural areas and remote towns of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a special secondary music college. Specialists socio-cultural activities and folk art to work in the district club establishments preparing Bashkir Republican college culture and Uchalinskiy school of arts and culture. At present, the necessary conditions for the preparation of highly qualified library staff, taking into account the need for a new generation of specialists in information technology, which holds the Ufa College of Library and Mass Communications - one of six similar educational institutions of Russia. Successfully operating Bashkir Ballet School named Rudolf Nureyev - a unique institution of the republic, its graduates are working in the best-known groups in Russia. In recent years, in Bashkortostan, managed not only to maintain but also expand the network of educational institutions of culture and art. On the basis of the Ufa branch of the School of Arts in the city of Ciba was founded College of Arts, which was a kind of cultural center of Bashkir Trans-Ural.

   Trends updates allowed to enter in the educational institutions of secondary level a number of new specialties in demand in time: "Management", "documentary and archival management software", "zvukooperatorskoe skills", "sound engineering", etc.

   Actively develop a specialty related to the Bashkir national culture. Graduate of Bashkir folk instruments in demand throughout the country. From the walls of secondary specialized educational institutions of culture and art go now not only professional kuraisty, but artists dumbyre, kyl-kubyze. In a number of educational institutions are taught Bashkir folk singing.




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